1. Week 1: January 25

    Tarantallegra - Junsu (of JYJ)
    Sweet Dream - MFBTY
    Supa Luv - Teen Top
    Dr. Feel Good - RANIA
    Poison - SECRET
    Fantastic Baby - Big Bang
    Love Song - Rain
    Wow - BTOB
    The Best Kpop Party - Rjee123456MU

    Week 2: February 1
    Theme of the Week: Seven Deadly Sins

    I am the Best - 2NE1 (Pride)
    Ice Cream - Hyuna (Gluttony)
    Why Did I Fall in Love With You - Tohoshinki (Envy)
    10 out of 10 - 2PM (Lust)
    Paradise - Infinite (Sloth)
    This is War - MBLAQ (Wrath)
    Turn it Up - TOP (from Big Bang) (Greed)
    She’s Gone - G. Dragon (from Big Bang) (Killing people is a no-no)
    Crayon Cover - Chad Future (original song by G. Dragon) (Showing your butt-cheeks is a no-no)

    Week 4: February 9
    Theme of the Week: Clubbing

    High High - GD and TOP
    Thumbs Up - Krispy Krunch
    2HOT - G. Na
    I Like You - U-KISS
    Lovey Dovey - T-ara
    Girls Dreams Money - MIB
    Oh My God! - Girl’s Day
    Party - WE
    Kiss - Dara
    Beautiful Hangover - Big Bang
    Heart to Heart - 4Minute

    Week 4: February 16
    Theme of the Week: A Journey of LUUURVE

    Before This Song Ends – J. J. Project feat. Suzy
    Message - MYNAME
    Beautiful Target – B1A4
    I Don’t Know – A Pink feat. Gikwang
    Don’t Touch My Girl – Boyfriend
    I’m a Bad Boy – TriTops feat. P. O. (Block B)
    Bad Boy – 100%
    A Bitter Day – Hyuna feat. G.NA & Junhyung
    Man Man Ha Ni – U-KISS
    Heart to Heart – 4minute
    Facebook Official - Heart2Heart

    Week 5: February 24
    Theme of the Week: Pick-up lines for Hustlers

    Big Star - Hot Boy
    U-KISS     - Neverland
    Jay Park - Hopeless Love
    Taken - Young Boy
    DBSK - Choosy Lover
    T-ara - Yayaya
    G-dragon - Breathe
    Taeyang - I need a girl
    Dal Shabet - Bling Bling
    GD&TOP - Don’t Go Home